Monday, December 6, 2010

Home Improvements!

Since today I wrote about how The Hubs and I are "MAKING" our house a home, I thought it was a good time to publish this post!

When we bought our house back in December 2009, pretty much everything was redone inside. Not necessarily the best quality work (since the house was a flip), but good enough so that we didn't have to tackle any major DIY projects right away. The Hubs wasn't exactly happy about this because he was ready and rarin' to go to demo something and then put it all back together again.

In the end, he found two projects that he was able to work on. The first was to convert the closet opening in the office (or what I always call "The Baby's Room") from what it was:

A weird small opening, with a 70's plastic accordion sliding door:

To this, a full sized closet opening complete with mirrored sliding doors:

The change was like night and day! The closet is so much easier to access now and the mirrored doors make the room feel bigger than it is. The Hubs was really good about taking lots of pictures throughout the entire project, so if anyone is interested I may be able to entice him "to teach" me how he did it so I can write about it. (The Hubs is not much of a reader or writer, but he loves to teach me about construction projects I will never actually do!)

The other project was more recent and took many months to finish since The Hubs was busy studying for an important engineering test after he had already started the project. We bought a brand new energy efficient sliding glass door and instead of paying for installation, The Hubs decided he wanted to DIY it. I don't have any before images, but let me tell you, the old door was thin, flimsy, and made it feel like you were outside while inside! The new door is soo much better and now that the inside is finished with all the molding and things, it looks great (and keeps the heat in SOOO much better!)

What up next on the DIY list for The Hubs (because I definitely don't help in anyways, I just come up with the ideas!)...  CROWN MOLDING!  The Hubs has never installed it before, but he wants to try. We'll see how it goes. . .

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