Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Loot - Jen's Edition

The Hubs and I got some really great gifts for Christmas this year. Over the next few days, I'll be posting some of the best gifts that we received and a few that we decided to buy for ourselves.

In this first installment, I'll share my favorite four gifts.

Gift From The Hubs
This year The Hubs gave me one big gift for Christmas and I am SO excited about it. He bought me 8 sessions with a Personal Trainer from 24 Hour Fitness!

I have been wanting to hire a personal trainer for FOREVER, but have been too cheap and lazy to do it. I decided to go in to the gym today to find my trainer and schedule sessions for the next two weeks so that I beat the mad New Years rush. The trainer suggested working with him twice a week for the best results, but that just means my sessions will run out in a month :-(.  He did say that there will be more good deals to buy more sessions in the New Year if I want to continue. I have my first session on Thursday, so we'll see how it goes!!

Gifts From The Fam
I got lots of great gifts from both The Hubs's family and mine, but I'm going to share my favorite two.

First up, is something that I have NEEDED for months and I have been suffering and squinting every morning as I drive to work without it. You really don't realize how much you need this thing until you don't have it. Figured out what it is yet....

A DRIVER'S SIDE VISOR for my Civic! I swear being without this thing has been terrible! I've been one of those dorky people who resorts to sticking a piece of paper in their window to block the setting sun from bothering her highly sensitive,contact wearing eyes. I installed it yesterday (with some help from The Hubs) and I am so glad to have it back!

My next favorite gift from The Fam was the new Limited Edition Blue Ray DVD of The Sound of Music.

I've loved The Sound of Music since I was a child and know most of the songs and dialogue by heart (much to The Hubs's dismay!). I recently saw the cast on Oprah and was just amazed that the adults on the show were those same children. I can't believe it has been 45 years since the movie came out! A timeless classic, if you ask me!
Gifts for Ourselves
On the day after Christmas, The Hubs and I decided to do a little a whole lot of shopping for ourselves. We figured we'd been good enough this year!

On our little excursion to Home Depot and Lowes, there was only one thing that I wanted...

A new HIGH ARC FAUCET for the sink. The faucet that came with the house made it SO difficult to  wash big pots and pans. I insisted that the faucet be installed right away and even though I haven't washed any dishes with it yet, some things are SO much easier to filling the Britta water filter and The Pup's bowl. I seriously LOVE it! SO worth the money!

Stay tuned for the next installment of Christmas Loot - The Hubs' Edition!

Image Credits: 24 Hour Fitness, dgerej2 Photobucket, Target, Google Products

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