Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting’ Into the Swing of Things

Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things at work after the holidays?

We’ve had a couple of glorious days off for the past two weeks that have supposedly allowed us to recharge our batteries and gear up for the year ahead. We have an easily identified date where we can start out fresh and make a precedent for 2010. But boy is it hard to get out of the holiday vacation mentality.

Maybe it’s the fact that there isn’t another holiday in sight until February and then not another until May. Maybe it’s the letdown after all of the hustle and bustle we’ve been through due to the holidays. Maybe it is all the random stuff I have floating in my head about the things I want to work on within myself the upcoming year or errands and at home tasks that need to get done. All of this chatter in my brain just prevents me from focusing on the present (a constantly recurring theme in my life that I’m sure I’ll be talking about on many more occasions).

Whatever it is, I wish that I could get out of my funk and get down to business. I know that I would feel so much better if I hit the ground running and just got stuff done. I love the feeling of accomplishment and checking things off of my to-do list. So today, I’m going to FOCUS on the tasks at hand here at work…prioritize what needs to get done and make sure I can chip away at each item as best I can. Here’s to getting out of this rut and feeling all that much brighter and lighter because of it!

Do any of you feel the post-holiday slump? How do you climb your way out of it?

Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Beginning For 2010

For the past year or so, I’ve wanted to start a blog. My desires began after becoming somewhat obsessed with a wedding blog, known as Weddingbee, about 6 months before I even got engaged. It was a place to learn about all things wedding so I would be prepared when my day finally arrived. I’ve now been married two months, and although wedding blogs are no longer my top interest, Weddingbee acted as a springboard from which I currently developed my ever lengthening blog roll. After much stalking around the Weddingbee site, I found the personal blogs of some of my favorite “bees” and subsequently some of their favorite blogs. Most are dedicated to life after the wedding: creating a better marriage, home decorating, having babies (here and here) just to share a few. I also often frequent self-help blogs which focus on finding happiness, stressing less, and living life to the fullest.

Now, I’m totally a blog lurker. None of these bloggers even know I exist, but I feel like I know them through their wonderfully interesting and personal stories. I love opening my blogroll every day to find out what’s new in their life. With the start of my own blog, I hope to gain confidence to comment on other blogs and become part of an online community that I have seen do some wonderful things to help out total strangers.

So what to blog about… happiness, love & marriage, life goals… I’m thinking all of the above and more. I want to share experiences and use my blog as a place to capture my thoughts and feelings. I hope this can be a venue where I can get advice from others and discuss my attempts at improving various areas of my life to become a better wife, friend, sister and daughter.

It is a little intimidating to join the blogging community, but this will just be one step toward Living a Brighter Life in 2010!