Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14 - #Reverb10 - Appreciate

Prompt: Appreciate. What's the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?

Author: Victoria Klein 27 Things to Know About Yoga @victoriaklein

First off, I wish I had done more in 2010 to appreciate the wonderful people and things in my life. I am going to look to do more of that in 2011, possibly even creating a weekly blog post of the things I was most grateful for during the previous week.

I think I came to appreciate most in the past year were the people in my life.

First up, The Hubs. He puts up with a lot of my crazy antics, but loves me anyways. He's also been super supportive regarding some work related issues that crept up this past year. It's nice to know that there is someone always in my corner! I don't nearly tell him enough how much I appreciate him for it.

Next up, The Fam. My mom also has to put up with my crazy antics (although I think some of them may have been inherited). She's always there for me when I need someone to talk to (which is pretty much everyday!). My dad, sister and brother have all been such a help to The Hubs and I this year! When we got our pup Rusty at 8 weeks, we had each one of them taking a shift every few hours while we were at work so that the pup was let out to potty and play. My dad still comes by in the middle of the day to let the pup out to get some exercise. I don't know what we'd do without them! We've taken the Fam out to dinner a few times to thank them for all they've done, but it doesn't seem like enough.

Finally, The Bestie. I love my best friend so much because she tells it like it is and always has my best interest at heart. She even forgives me when I don't always listen to her advice! She's gonna be the best mommy ever when the little one comes in the next week or so and I can't wait to see it. I'm expressing gratitude to her by writing this, cause I know she's gonna read it!

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  1. Ack! I'm so embarrassed and super flattered at the same time! Thanks for appreciating me! The feeling is mutual! And don't worry, I don't take my own advice very often and I don't take yours very often either :P