About Me

I'm an overachieving, perfectionist living in the Bay Area who is trying to live a well balanced, happy life with her husband (The Hubs) and puppy (Rusty). During the day, I'm a process engineer for a medical device company. At night, I try to find time to do the things I love which include watching TV with The Hubs, going to the gym, reading on my Kindle, and now BLOGGING! Some nights, though, I must admit that I come home and just sit on my butt doing absolutely nothing!

I'm a self proclaimed blog addict whose addition started with a blog known as Weddingbee. I wasn't even engaged at the time I found the site, but when The Hubs finally popped the question I was ready and rarin' to PLAN! We were married in November 2009 after a very interesting courtship! (I'll save that story for another time!)

Since my first encounter with Weddingbee I've done enough stalking to find all of my favorite "BEES" personal blogs to keep up with their lives post wedding (and increase my blog subscriptions like crazy!).

I finally decided to enter the blogging world as an actual blogger! I want to be a part of this amazing community that always finds a way to support each other in the virtual universe.

I hope for this blog to be an evolving collection of my thoughts, activities, and musings that hopefully will be a catalyst for conversations about how we all can "Live a Brighter Life"!

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