Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 9 - #Reverb10 - Party

Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans. Author: Shauna Reid The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl!/shauna
What an AWESOME prompt that really got me thinking (and remembering) exactly what we did that  made this year FUN!

The best social gathering of 2010 was our road trip (and subsequent party) with Teresa and Elliott to Vegas for Teresa and her twin sister Krista's 30th b-day!

It was only the second time that I had been to Vegas and the first time I went with The Hubs. To top it off, we didn't have to fly, which made me EXTRA happy! (I have a MAJOR fear of flying!)

The 8 hour drive went by quick as we had great conversation with great friends the whole way. There wasn't much to see as we drove through Bakersfield and other no name towns, but as we got closer to Vegas I did get to see my first mirage!

The last time I was in Vegas it was for a bachelorette party, so we only did the typical bachelorette party things. This time we got to explore a little more...

First up, was exploring Fremont Street and having dinner at Firefly (which had an AMAZING view of Fremont Street). It was such a fun experience to see old school Vegas!

Then we headed over to the Bellagio to watch the fountain light show. We actually had to jump out of the car really quick because the show was starting upon our arrival. I had missed this the first time I was in Vegas (I blame it on drunken debachery and the fact that we were staying way at the other end of the strip in a PENTHOUSE in the Sahara!) The show was choreographed to Faith Hill's "The Way You Love Me" and it was fun to see, albeit a little shorter than I expected.

We then headed inside where the boys had cigars (and I just pretended to look cool!)

The next day, we explored the strip a little more and went to Madame Tussaude's Wax Museum. It was the first time I had been to a wax museum and it was actually more fun than I expected! We "met" lots of great celebrities and took photos with many of them. My favorite was meeting my crush, Ben Affleck, while The Hubs got to shoot the breeze with the Govenator!

That night was when all the birthday party festivities commenced. Teresa and her sister had decided upon a 1930's theme party that you needed a password to get in to (Speakeasy Style)! Since Teresa is from Vegas, her whole family and friends who still lived in the area were all in attendance. Everyone got really into it and dressed up in the typical garb!  I'm not usually into costume parties, but this one sure was AWESOME!


I can't believe this was already almost a year ago! I almost had forgotten about it until I started going through pictures of things we had done this year. Writing about our Vegas shenanigans really made me remember what a GREAT time we all had!

I think it is about that time to start bugging Teresa about what she has planned for her next big PARTY!


  1. That looks like a really fun trip! I love the speakeasy party theme.

  2. Vegas is always a party - and almost always the best party of the year! So glad it was for you!