Kindle Reads

Find out what I'm reading and what I've read on my Kindle.

I'll take some time and review some of these book in blog posts, especially those that I really enjoyed and those that I maybe could have done without!

If you have some suggestions of other books I should get on my Kindle, I'd love to have them!

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Last Breath

The Traveler's Gift - Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success 


  1. I purchased a kindle a couple of weeks ago. Teresa was out of town and I was bored. Not really a reason to purchase something...

    Anyway, I have been reading the Economist. I subscribed to the magazine and it is a good weekly review of events happening around the world. The magazine format in the kindle took some getting used to, but now I really enjoy it.

    I am currently reading a book on Stoicism.

  2. You'll really enjoy the Kindle.

    Inquiring minds (aka Kris) wants to know ... black or white??

  3. I got a black one. The smaller one. We are going to look into getting the larger one for the business. Many of our textbooks have kindle editions, which means we would have to purchase them (again) but I like the idea of all digital!

  4. All digital is great! Do they still sell the Kindle 2? That's the one I have. My mom has the Kindle 3. The thing to scroll with is better on hers and the refresh is faster, but I like that mine has numbers on the keypad.