Friday, December 3, 2010

Deck the Halls!

The Hubs and I had our weekend after Thanksgiving all planned out. We were going to hit up some of the Black Friday sales for Christmas gifts, attend our final Cal Football game against Washington , and then spend Sunday putting up all of our holiday decorations. However, after a busy Thanksgiving Day where we hosted both families at our house, Friday came around and we didn't feel like doing much of anything. We ended up sitting on our butts, in our pajamas, all day long. It was HEAVENLY. The game on Saturday was in the morning and when we woke up  to dark rain clouds, we just weren't sure how we felt about venturing out into the cold and rain (Plus, I don't think we could have dealt with another heartbreak after The Big Game). We pondered for a few hours until it ended up being too late for us to go! (Bad Cal fans! They ended up losing anyways... Guess there's always next season for a good run at it!).

So what did we do instead you might ask....

We decorated! It was lots of fun! I thought, at first, that we were just going to do the inside decorations, but next thing I know Kris was outside putting up all of the Christmas lights! The house looks super cute and festive, but I told myself I really don't need any new Xmas decorations considering the size of our house! I LOVE the holiday season! Such a warm and happy time!

The only holiday related issue we are having, is convincing some family members, that we REALLY don't need any presents this year. I think that gift giving is more for kids then for adults, so I assume have our families save the money for when the time comes when there are little kids in the family. We also have no space for anything else (see note about small house above), so the only things I really want to ask for are gift cards (which to some family members, don't count as gifts!).

Is everyone out there ready for the holiday season? Have any of you encountered family gift giving issues? How do you deal with them?

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  1. Pretty! I can't wait to get our tree! We've been having issues with the lights outside though...they're such a pain.