Friday, December 17, 2010

Crazy Week

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Has anyone else had one of those crazy, want to pull your hair out kinds of week?

This week I was put on a new project at work, one where there is a rich, but questionable history. I've spent all week gathering information from various people and trying to make sense of the conflicting reports. I've worked over 12 hour days all week, which has left no time for the gym, holiday shopping, cooking, anything. It's additionally frustrating since all of this comes right before the holidays when everyone else will be on vacation (but me!) which will make things even more difficult to get anything done.

I've had one mini meltdown. I'm such an emotional person in general that when I'm in a particular stressed out or vulnerable state, I can lose it at the drop of a hat. I tried to stay strong, take deep breaths, clear my head, but those emotions tumble out so fast I can't stop them. I'm not sure if this sort of thing will subside with age and experience, but I don't like how it makes me look or feel.

I'm trying to think positive, but some of the hurdles that I have to overcome seem insurmountable and  I want is to be successful.

I'm looking forward to a low key rainy day weekend. And next week, I hope that I can establish more balance because there are SO many things that I need to get done that AREN'T work related!

How do you all cope with balancing work and the holidays?

Do you have any techniques for avoiding mini emotional meltdowns?

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