Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 6 - #Reverb10 - Make

Prompt: Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it?  Author: Gretchen Rubin The Happiness Project @gretchenrubin

This prompt comes from one of my favorite bloggers, Gretchen Rubin. Her blog is about how she spent an entire year really figuring out what made her happy. She has some great tips about how to bring more happiness into your life both at work and at home.

I didn't "make things" very often in 2010 (other than maybe some dinners and baked goods). I think I was a little over crafting after a full year of preparing for our wedding in November of 2009.

One thing I can say I made (with help from the Hubs of course), was turning the house we moved into at the end of last year into a home. We already had a lot of love for our new home, but we needed to give it some style! We both had our own apartments prior to moving in together, so there was a lot of compromise and discussion on how we wanted our new home to look. Most husbands don't seem to be interested in decorating and such, but that was not the case in this family. The Hubs wanted to be an active participant in deciding the look and feel of our home (cozy, but modern). I really appreciated this, but it did cause somedecisions to be slow in coming.

In a year's time we were able to get some sort of window covering up in every room (blinds in bedrooms, curtains in living areas), an area rug for the bedroom, decorative pillows for the couch, and framed some pictures for the wall. The Hubs also did some home improvements that I'll be sharing in an upcoming post soon!

We still definitely have a long way to go though. Some things that we really want to do soon to continue the process of making our house a home including getting an area rug for the front room (a difficult decision for someone who doesn't have a flair for design and is decidedly indecisive), a valence curtain for the bedroom, some artwork for the wall, and definitely make some prints of wedding pictures to display.

Finally, one thing I REALLY need to set side some time to make are wedding albums for our parents! It's been over a year and I know they are anxious to get them. Plus they deserve it! Any ideas on the best places online to make books/albums would be appreciated!

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