Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Gratitude Photo Challenge Edition Part Deux

Still behind in the Gratitude Photo Challenge, and still catching up!

Day 10: Nature

This is the avocado tree The Hubs bought a few months back. He thought it would be a great idea to have avocados at the ready since we go through them so fast. Well apparently, it takes a few months for the tree to mature, so for now, it's sitting in a pot on our porch. We haven't killed it yet! So far so good!

Day 11: Something Old

I have two something olds that I'm grateful for since both are sentimental items associated with The Hubs and I's courtship. On top, is a picture of the ticket stub from our first date (look how cheap! $7)! Kinda crazy, but I found it in a stack of old letters that I had stashed away in a box. Little did I know at the time, that the boy I went on my first real date with would be my husband 11 years later! On the bottom, is a picture of the garter The Hubs got me for Junior Prom. It ended up also being my "Something Old" at our wedding!

Day 12: Hands

This is a picture of my hands (or one hand) that I'm definitely grateful for, but I really wanted to take picture of The Hubs's hand. This week The Hubs had a Jeremy Affeldt moment (for those of you non-SF Giants fans, you can click the link to find out what he did!). While I was at the gym, he was trying to speed up the thawing of some ground beef by cutting the frozen meat into smaller pieces. In the process, he cut his thumb. Apparently, it was bad enough for him to feel the need to drive himself to the doctor to check it out. It ended up being minor, even though there was a lot of blood. I'm grateful though that all five of his fingers are still in tact and that I wasn't there when it happened (This girl would have freaked out!).
Day 13: Written Words

I LOVE written lists. I love physically checking each item off the list as I complete them. I don't get the same satisfaction from checking things off a digital list. Here is my latest list of things I need to remember to do now that the Internet is back on!
Day 14: Movement

I wasn't really sure how to take a picture of movement, but after a little bit of a downer evening, a nice warm shower was in order. The movement of the warm water from our NEW shower head was so relaxing and actually made me feel a little better.

Day 15: Technology

We've been without the internet at work all week and although I have my handy Smartphone, it still isn't the same as typing out an email on the computer or checking a coworkers schedule. I've never been SO HAPPY to see the Google page as when I took this picture!  Being without technology for a week made me appreciate it that much more. I don't know how people got any work done before the internet!
Day 16: Animals
We've only got one and he is very rambunctious! This is a picture of Rusty completing his latest trick - "Bang! Bang!". It's the more fun way of teaching him the old play dead trick!

Day 17: Memories
This is the scrapbook I kept of The Hubs and I pre-marriage days. I just looked through it for the first time in awhile and WOW what great memories! I was so good about keeping up with the scrapbook until the wedding, when wedding planning took over. I never really got back into it. I guess you could say this blog is a bit of a digital scrapbook, but it's not quite the same. Maybe sometimes I'll start up again. I still have a TON of supplies around!
Are you participating in the Gratitude Photo Challenge? Are you all caught up??

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