Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities

This Halloween, instead of staying home and handing out candy, we decided to head over to our friends' Bret and Lisa's for a festive fall dinner.

Lisa and I both dressed for the occasion. She was Minnie Mouse, I was a Cal football player (albeit a sad golden bear after our very embarassing loss to UCLA this weekend!).

We set the table with some fall decorations and served up a Southwester Pumpkin Soup in seasonal pumpkin bowls with a side of cornbread. Delish!

Minnie Mouse revealing our dinner!

The doorbell rang continuously, as little ones came to get their fare. At one point there were so many Trick or Treaters that candy had to be rationed! hehe :-)

But our favorite Trick or Treater of all??

Little Link (from the Zelda cartoon)!

 He also showed off some super new skills!

I love this little one! :-)

The Hubs and I both thought it was an especially fun Halloween even if we weren't out partying like crazy!

How was your Halloween??


  1. What cute costumes!! Our Halloween was good (enjoyed some orange and black cupcakes!) but no trick or treaters :( Let's just say we have a huge bowl full of candy to go through now, ha!

  2. o my gosh you looked so cute!! and rowan!! AWWWWWW! he is getting so big!! he can walk?!?! adorable!