Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Image Source: Babble

I couldn't go without commenting on the fact that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have just announed that they are having their 20th child. 20th!

I must admit that I do watch The Duggars on occasion. I'm a reality show junkie, so this just falls into that category. I just really can't believe after everything they went through with their last child (where both Michelle and the baby almost died), that they would want to take the risk. They already have 19 healthy children! To me, it's crazy. To them, it's God's will.

I guess the green giant of envy is rearing its ugly head in me. We (and tons of other couples) are having trouble just having one baby and they have 20!  It's hard for me to even grasp the fact that she has been pregnant most of her life.

Seriously. Crazy.

End of rant. Now back to your regularly scheduled "Anniversary Week" Blogging.


  1. I totally relate to your rant - I feel the same way! 19 babies isn't enough? What about all us thousands of ladies who have years of trouble trying to conceive! It's very frustrating and I just don't get it. It will be our time soon girl :) xoxo

  2. Oh man, that was the topic at work today! Talk about being irresponsible!! I mean we just had the article about our world being over populated! It would be different if they were in an agrarian family, but no! Redic! You think they would have learned a lesson with the last baby!

  3. This lady is insane..I love children and all but 19 is about 16 too many..hahahaha

  4. Wow...20th child.I guess its too much now.In my opinion they should now think of stop having children as it is very risky for mother's health.And with inflation factor many of them may be deprived of basic necessities.