Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Gratitude Photo Challenge!

Image Source: Postively Present
There have been so many photo challenges going around in the blogosphere lately! I've been reluctant to commit to one because I wasn't sure if I could hack it (i.e. actually take a photo everyday worth having others look at...)

But then I came across Postively Present's 30 Day Photo Challenge: Gratitude. (If you haven't ever been over to Dani's blog, it is so much great information on how she has incorporated positivity into her life!) It's no secret that being grateful is the start of being more present and happier. I've been trying to incorporate this weekly by my "Thankful Thursday" posts. But I thought, what better month than November to really recognize things that I should be grateful for that I don't even think about!

I haven't decided whether I'll post pictures daily or compile them in a few single posts, but you'll be sure to see most of them all throughout November!

On a side note, I have some other fun posts in the works that I'm sure many of my Weddingbee friends will appreciate! More on that in a couple of days! ;-)

But now, on to the challenge!

Day One: Favorite Food

This was a hard one as I have so  many favorite foods. Do I go with a dessert (mint chip ice cream with syrup)? Or my "I must have with every meal." favorite food, BREAD! ?

Instead, I decided to go with something that I am especially grateful for because apparently if I lived anywhere else other than California, they'd be hard to come by!


Do you plan to participate in any photo challenges this month??

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  1. Love this photo! So glad you're part of the challenge!