Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to reality...

Hope every had a Happy Thanksgiving! I know I did and the couple of days away from work were delightful. I even unplugged completely for two whole days, much to The Hubs's delight!

However, now it's back to reality and if the traffic in to work this morning didn't give it away, the long list of things I have to do at work that I didn't get done during the short week will. It does seem that things are off to a slow start though. I'm thinking maybe some people decided to stretch out the Thanksgiving Holiday just a bit more!

In any case, we've had an eventful week that I was away.

Last Saturday, we headed to Monterey for my company's 20th Anniversary Party.

The company rented out the Monterey Bay Aquarium for the weekend and it was beyond awesome! There were little cocktail tables set up throughout the aquarium for us to sit and enjoy dinner while watching the fish (or jellyfish as we our location choice!).

It was seriously so cool to have uninhibited access to all of the aquarium attractions sans strollers and little kids running around. Not to mention, we got to imbibe in delicious wine and cocktails while we explored! AWESOME! I would highly recommend a party their for any large group, if you can afford it!

Sunday we headed back from Monterey and I was not home longer than an hour before I headed to Berkeley to participate in a SWE Mixer with some collegiates. It's no secret that I love participating in Outreach activities and this was no exception.

The short work week was hard to get through, but it made the two days off worth it. We had a great Thanksgiving at my parents house, where both my family and The Hubs's family celebrated together.  I don't have any pictures (bad blogger!), but know that the food was delicious and the wine was yummo!

Black Friday found us sleeping in and NOT venturing out to the stores to hit up the supposed greatest deals. I loathe shopping and waiting in traffic, finding a parking spot and waiting in long lines were not worth the deals I might have gotten. Instead, The Hubs and I signed up for an Amazon Prime account and began marking the things we would be buying our families for Christmas. WAY EASIER!

Then we went out and saw The Muppets movie with my bro and his girlfriend. I don't totally remember The Muppet Show (I think I was pretty little when it was on...), but once I heard some of the songs it jogged my memory. I definitely remember The Muppets though (Fozzie Bear was my favorite!), so it was fun to see them on the big screen. I LOVED the reaction of the kids watching it with us! Their excitement was infectious!

Image Source: Daemons Movies
Saturday and Sunday were spent Christmas decorating! I love the holidays and our house always looks so cute! I can't wait to show off all of my decorations at the SWE Holiday party coming up next week! The Hubs was a BIG help with the decorating! He put up the tree and decorated it making it the best I think it has ever looked! He also put up all the outside lights and garland!

We did one other thing this weekend that was shopping related, but I think I share that tomorrow! The Hubs and I were pretty excited about our purchase! :-)

For now, I'm going to try to make it through the day... keeping my eye first on lunchtime (when I plan to get my oil changed) and then 4:30 (when I plan on leaving for yoga)!

Have a great first day back to work everyone! Only a few more weeks till the next holiday! I LOVE THIS SEASON! :-)


  1. Rogér will be so jealous when I tell him you saw The Muppets! Ha. I like Christmas decorations too, even though I don't really bother with them. But don't you think you could wait til November's over?? I feel so bad for November. And it's my favorite month!

  2. Roger would so love the Muppets!

    I know. I feel bad for November too, but I want to take full advantage of my holiday decorations. I have a ton and for it to be up even one week less makes it even less worth it.