Monday, November 14, 2011

"Anniversary Week" - The Proposal!

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After four years of dating, I was obviously getting a bit antsy to take our relationship to the next level...

February 13, 2009 started out like any other day, but ended more incredibly than I could have imagined.
I was having a busy day at work and was so glad that it was Friday! I was excited for the weekend because Kris, my sister, and I planned to head to Tahoe the next morning to go snowboarding and take advantage of the fresh powder.

That afternoon, before I left work and headed home, I called Kris to see if he wanted to go with my family to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. Since my sister, Kristina, was coming home from Cal Poly it would have been a family affair. Kris really didn't seem into the idea so typical me got a little annoyed and told him he could decide what we were doing for dinner instead. He said for me to just come home first and we'd figure it out then. On my way home, I called my best friend Sarah to tell her about the incident and also how I was sure nothing special was going to happen for Valentine's Day weekend since we had planned our snow trip.

I was chatting on the phone all the way to Kris's apartment door. Normally, I would knock once and then use my key to get in. This particular afternoon I was a little more stubborn. When I got off the phone I knocked a few times expecting Kris to come and open the door. He didn't come, so I persisted to knock again and again. Finally, the door opened quickly a crack and he ran back into the apartment.

At that moment, I pushed the door open and couldn't believe my eyes. There was over a hundred tea lights in various glasses lit all around the living room. There was a red table cloth, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and even more tea lights on the kitchen table. A bottle of champagne was on ice behind it. And standing there in front all decked out, on a white sheet, with scattered rose petals around him (Bachelor style...for all of you who love that show as much as I do :-) ), was my handsome boyfriend.

I walked toward him and all I could say was "Oh my God! Oh my God Oh my God! Is this really happening???". Kris got down on one knee and told me that I was the love of his life and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then he pulled out a black box, opened it, and asked me if I would marry him. Of course I instantly said yes! The ring was absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't stop staring at it and smiling!

That was when the phone calls began, telling our family and friends the exciting news! I also continued saying "Oh my God!" a hundred more times that night and not a single thing could wipe the smile off my face all weekend!

 February 13 was one of the happiest days of my life, but I look forward to many more "happiest days of our lives" to come!

So that's the story of our courtship. Stayed tuned for Wedding Fun in the week or whenever I get around to writing them! :-)

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