Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calling all #Reverb10'ers!

Any #Reverb10 participants out there?

We just found out that there won't be an official #Reverb11 this year. I'm a little bummed as that really got me into a blogging groove! I also have recently been rereading some of my posts and was quite amazed at some of my insights. The Reverb organizers are encouraging us to create our own, but I'm really not that great at organizing things like that. Plus I don't have THAT many blog friends yet...

But... the AMAZING Kim over at Kimberly Michelle is trying to gather people up to brainstorm a brand spankin' new Reverb that is all our own!!

So what are you waiting for??? Head over there right now and help us create something BIG!! :-)


  1. Thanks! I already posted on Kimberly's blog! Maybe we can brainstorm together :)

  2. What's a Reverb? I'm out of the loop on this one! :)

  3. @Shayla Reverb10 was a month long blogging activity last December where there was a different prompt to respond to each day. It was a way to reflect on the past year and manifest what you wanted for the coming year. You can check out my posts on it by looking through the Reverb10 labels (or Dec 2010 posts). I think you would REALLY enjoy it!

  4. Awesome I'll look back on those posts - sounds fun! Thanks Jen! :)