Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Look Ma, No Cords!

So Saturday afternoon, we decided to head over to Target hoping the crazy Black Friday crowds had subsided, so we could get some extra plastic tubs for all of the Fall Holiday Stuff that needed to be put away. Thankfully, we found a parking spot relatively quick and the store wasn't too packed!

Although our main purpose was for plastic tubs and a couple of fabric bins for organizing a new closet shelf, The Hubs and I decided to all seriously look for a media console table for the TV in our living room. I always sort just look, but never can officially decide on what I want.

Target didn't seem to have anything that struck a cord with us, so we headed to Walmart (also not too crowded, lucky us!). Again, not much to choose from and the options we did have seemed kinda expensive by Walmart standards.

The Hubs was really into finding something, so he suggested that we try Ikea. Now I'm all for modern decor, but sometimes it can be a too avant-garde for my taste. In any case, we headed down to the Emeryville Ikea (which was a little out of our way) and explored all that Ikea (aka adult Disneyland) had to offer.

At first we noticed that Ikea didn't seem to have a lot to choose from. The few media centers that were there all looked the same and didn't really match our tastes. We were looking for something with a few shelves and glass doors that weren't too modern looking. It took us a few minutes to realize the ingeniousness of Ikea...

Everything we were seeing was MODULAR! You could pick your shelf size, add drawers or doors, glass  solid wood doors, glass doors with a thick or thin border, brown/black wood, light brown wood, or white wood. You also got to pick the type of hardware you wanted for a handle (or not! Your choice!) SOO COOL. The line was called Besta and apparently you can even go online and play with different combinations.

We ended up finding a couple of the example combos we liked, mixed and matched and for just under $200 came up with this!

We absolutely LOVE it! At first, we thought the TV was a little high (we previously had it place on a short table), but now we can't imagine it ever being any lower! It's so awesome not seeing all the cords and junk that you could previously seen under that table (I so wish I had taken a before picture!)

Now we have THREE full shelves for storage! I plan on getting some cute fabric baskets to house all of our gaming equipment and DVD's.

This has been something that was on my goals list for 2011 and I'm glad to have checked it off the list!

Definitely almost completes the living room! Only thing left is to maybe get some more art for the wall!