Friday, November 11, 2011

"Anniversary Week" - Seven Years Later the Story Continues!

One weekend in October 2005, Jen decided to take a trip to Cal Poly to visit her best friend Sarah. She had been out of a relationship for about a year and was ready to "hit the scene" again. When she got to San Luis, Sarah and Jen decided to go out with Jen's fellow Materials Engineers (MatEs) Amanda and Rodger. They first went to happy hour at the Cliffs in Pismo and then decided to go out to the Mission (Mission Grill..not the actual Mission) for drinks and dancing. While they were there, Amanda and Rodger suggested calling Kris to hang out since he was also still in SLO going to school. They sort of slyly were trying to hook Jen and Kris up cause they thought they would be good for each other..considering their history. They called him, he showed up, and after a few drinks, Jen and Kris started dancing and having a great time! It felt so right for both of them. By the end of the night, Jen had her second first kiss with Kris and it was SOOOOO much better than the first one! :-) The picture below was from that exact night! Kris said he would call her the next day to hang out a little more and so they did.

Seven years later the story continues...

The next weekend, he came home from school and they went on their second official first the movies. This time Kris made sure Jen KNEW it was a date! They made their relationship official shortly after that and the rest is history!

And based on their history, Jen and Kris are definitely MEANT TO BE!!!

Catching up??

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