Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Anniversary Week" - The Re-introduction

The Re-introduction

Senior Year, Jen and Kris had another math class together and although they talked and Kris still teased Jen, they didn't hang out outside of school at all. They hung out a bit at our Senior Grad Night and have the picture above to prove it! After graduation, both went their separate ways...Jen to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and Kris to the local JC. They lost touch for the next few years and other than one brief encounter at the JC when Jen was picking up her brother, they never saw each other.

That was until the spring of 2003, when Jen was working at the Materials Engineering Open House, showing the prospective students around. As she was giving the tour, she thought she noticed someone she recognized. Low and behold, there was Kris with his mom checking out HER department at Cal Poly. Now Materials Engineering is a small major so this was quite a shock. She quickly told all her friends that the guy who she had her first kiss with EVER was here! Soon enough, Kris earned the nickname, JFK, Jen's First Kiss! EVERYONE including the teachers knew Jen and Kris's history (it was a VERY small major!)

The next year, Kris started school, and although they were in the same major, Jen and Kris had all different classes. Jen was dating someone else at the time and didn't think much of Kris being around. Kris, however, being a social and fun loving type of guy, resumed his old ways of teasing Jen whenever he could. One time in particular, Jen was moving out of her Mustang Village apartment and was stressing out over the whole ordeal. Kris lived nearby, happened to drive by, saw a stressed out Jen and her mom standing outside and yelled, "Don't stress! It'll all work out!"

Jen graduated in 2004 and since she still had friends in the major they would periodically update her on the happenings in the department and often Kris was mentioned. However, she really didn't keep in touch with him personally.

How did Jen & Kris finally reconnect?? Stay tuned!!

Catching up??

Anniversary Week - Where It All Began...

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