Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Heavenly Shower

The Hubs and I have been living with the shower head that originally came with the house. The bathroom had been redone, so we figured it would be fine to use what was there.

It worked fine for awhile, but lately, there was this one rogue shoot of water that always hit in just the wrong spot or would be coming out so hard it would hurt.  I would try to change the setting, but the shower head was SO hard to turn! Not exactly a relaxing shower!

So over the weekend, we headed out to Home Depot and were overwhelmed by the shower head choices. Should we get a whole new set or just a shower head? Should we stick with the color we have (brushed nickel) or pick something else? We were so overwhelmed, we almost didn't pick one!

But thankfully, The Hubs picked this one up and decided we were going to get it to at least try it out.

Waterpik - PowerSpray + Shower Head - 7 Spray Settings
Ahhhhhh! The shower gods are now raining down on us! This new shower head is heavenly! With seven settings to choose from, there is definitely one to suit your needs or mood. 

The Hubs loves the misty rain one (soft spray), while I like the good ol' normal spray (full body).  My first time in the shower though, I took advantage of every.single.setting and probably will do the same for the next month! I have a feeling our water bill might be a little higher this month...

Is your shower heavenly?

Disclaimer: I wasn't compensated in any way to give this review, other than the heavenly shower I am provided nightly! :-)


  1. Our WaterPik shower head clogged up due to our heavy water :( We've had it for two years. It's still ok, but ugh....

  2. We bought a new shower head about four months ago. I'm still waiting for my husband to instal it. I reckon it's time to call a plumber...