Thursday, December 1, 2011

#WEverb11 has BEGUN! - Day 1 ~ One Word

A new community has begun! As I mentioned earlier this week, my friend Kim decided to get a bunch of her blogging friends (and friends of friends) together to create a new month long blogging reflection in the spirit of #Reverb10, but something all our own!

You can find out more about #WEverb11 at its website or by following along on Twitter @WEverb11. There you will find the prompts and connect with others who are participating. We really wanted to make it individualized to fit in with your life, so answer the prompts that speak to you in whatever time frame you feel is right. This is all about US and our reflections on the past year and what we want for the coming year. I promise you won't regret participating, even a little bit!

A now for the first prompt...

Choose one word.
Encapsulate the year 2011 in one word. Explain why. Imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2012 for you?

In the spirit of where this all started… this is the same first prompt from 2010.
In order to come up with the word that best described my 2011, I subconsciously thought about it all last night and the word ACCOMPLISHED just popped into my head. When I went back and looked at my #Reverb10 - Day One, to see what I expected for 2011, I got really really excited. Although the words didn't match up exactly (I chose GROWTH), they definitely complement each other. And after the CHANGE I experienced in 2010, 2011 actually turned out to be an AWESOME year!
I won't go into all of the things I accomplished this year (I'm sure there will be another prompt to reflect on that), but suffice it to say I accomplished pretty much all of the goals I set out for myself in 2011.
Professionally, I had some goals that I set out for myself within my new role and I was able to accomplish most of those as well.

I'm pretty proud of myself for that, a feeling I normally don't let myself feel or acknowledge. I think this also means I grew in some way, thus bringing me full circle back to December 1, 2010!
Oh and The Universe totally agrees with my word choice as well. This is what showed up in my inbox this morning! :-)

If you only gave yourself credit, Jennifer, for all the things you do that you do not give yourself credit for, you'd be astonished to learn how much you really do accomplish in a single day. Every single day.

That's okay though, because I'm still "counting" all of it.

    The Universe

As for 2012, I'd like to focus on ACCEPTANCE in all its forms.
Acceptance in what life brings whatever it may be, good or bad. To look for the silver lining in all challenges.
Acceptance of where our TTC journey bring us. And then to surrender and try my hardest to enjoy the time with The Hubs as a two-some.
Acceptance of myself just the way I am
I know this will take a bit of work on my part since the perfectionist and planner in my always wants things to be "just so", but I think that I would be a whole lot happier if I just accepted the way things are and moved on from there!
Are you participating in #WEverb11? 
Let me know so I can follow along with your reflection journey as well! :-)


  1. Does The Universe really email you? Man, I get smacked in the face with realizations that The Universe is telling me stuff, emails would be so much easier! ;-)

  2. @Meagan - Yes! The Universe does email me! And it even knows what some of my major goals are so it throws in reminders about those sometimes too! Go here to sign up! -

  3. Love this! I'll have to look into this more tomorrow but wanted to comment on how much I relate to your Acceptances. I too have to Accept where we are in our TTC journey and that I have to Accept what I've done to my body in the past. That damage is now delaying us in getting pregnant, but I have to remember that our time will eventually come :)

    And to Accept the way I am - that will always be one for me to work on too :)

  4. Good word Jen! I'm working on mine....hopefully it'll be up soon! And that Universe thing is pretty cool. Not sure if I want to hear what The Universe has to say to me, but I'll have to think about trying it out.