Sunday, December 11, 2011

#WEverb11 - Day 9: Appreciate & Day 10: Create

I've been thinking about both of these prompts for days... You wouldn't think they would be that hard, but alas they are....
Day 9: Appreciate
In which moment did you find yourself flooded with gratitude? How will you rally around gratitude in 2012?
Contributed by Megan []
I am most appreciative of The Hubs, my family and friends. Although I can't think of a specific moment where because of them I was flooded with gratitude, it is more of an underlying feeling that I have every day. I notice it most when I'm acting crazy or emotional and I can't see how anyone can even love me with the way I'm acting and yet they still do.
The latter part of this year, I started making a point of weekly coming up with five things that I was grateful for and posting it on "Thankful Thursday". This really helped me to focus on what I had and not on what I don't have. I hope to continue this in 2012 as my way of rallying around gratitude. I hope that  this practice will become so natural that I will become more appreciative in my daily life...even for the little things.
Day 10: Create
Share a creative project you undertook this year (art, writing, DIY, cooking, home decoration, crafts, photography … whatever comes to mind). How do you use your creativity to express yourself?
Contributed by Tara []
So I feel like I haven't really been that creative this year. I stopped scrapbooking because I could never find the space or time to focus on it. I didn't even take many photos to scrapbook if I did find the time (something I wish I would do more of...). I did try a few new recipes that actually worked out for once, although I didn't really create them from scratch so I don't feel like they count. I did continue with this blog and although some creativeness comes into it, mostly it is just me putting down my thoughts. I've tried to be creative in the layout of the blog and such, but not knowing much about html, I can never figure out how to get things to look they way I want!
The one thing that I think I did create this year is moments. I'm the designated family planner, so typically it's up to me to decide on places to go and invite all of my family to come with us. Although it can sometimes be stressful (the people-pleaser in me wants EVERYONE to be happy), I know that everyone appreciates it. This year, the family (both mine and The Hubs's) went to see Keith Urban again for the 3rd time. Tonight we are all heading on our 2nd annual trip to ride the Train of Lights in Sunol/Niles. And in January, we are all going to see Cal take on Stanford in the basketball.

I hope that next year I can find the time to participate in more creative outlets.

Are you participating in #WEverb11? If not, go here for more info! It's an awesome way to reflect on last year and you'll meet tons of new people in the process! :-)

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  1. I love planning outings for friends and family too, but it can get tricky trying to please everyone. So what I've been doing is telling people my plan and giving them all the details they'll need, and then they can choose to join or not.

    I don't live too far from Niles, but I've never been on the Train of Lights (or even heard of it before your post). It sounds like a fun outing for my nieces, so we're definitely going to go this season. Thanks!