Monday, December 19, 2011

#Weverb11 - Day 17 - Discover & Day 18 - Teach

Image Source: We Heart It

Day 17:  Discover
What did you discover (big or small) in 2011?
Contributed by Kaileen Elise []

I discovered that having a friend at work every single day makes going to work so much more enjoyable. Penelope Trunk said this was the case, but now I know for sure.

It is so nice to have someone to commiserate with, complain with, eat lunch with, work out with, gossip with. It is awesome. Previously I used to only go out with a friend once a week and I would look forward to that day every week. Now I can look forward to every day! Well at least until she goes on maternity leave in May! I'll continue to enjoy it while I can!

Day 18:  Teach
What lesson or advice were you able to pass on to others this year? Why was it important to share this information? (Or… what lesson would you like to pass on to others that read this?)
Contributed by Christy []
The lesson I would like to pass on to others that read this is that if you aren't fulfilled in your current line of work that is no excuse to not TRY and find what you are passionate about. It is something I've read on many a personal development blog, but never truly put into practice.

In the beginning of this year, I was not happy with my current position at work. I didn't feel a sense of accomplishment or love of what I do. I was about ready to quit. So in order to have something to look forward to, I volunteered for events at the local high schools and community college where I spoke to students about the very job that I hated. It was AMAZING how excited I could get about something that on a daily basis made me annoyed, frustrated, and angry. I was passionate about talking to these students and helping them navigate the crazy world that is deciding what they want to actually be when they grow up. Telling them about my college experiences and all the things they have to look forward to.

So I took to heart all of what I was telling these students about the cool things I was doing and the things I was accomplishing and realized that what I'm doing isn't so bad. I am actually making a difference that I notice (even if no one else does.)

I will be continuing to mentor students in 2012 and already have a bunch of Outreach events planned for the beginning of the year that I am SUPER excited about. 

Finding my passion outside of work, helped my find my passion at work. Everyone should find their passion! :-)


  1. hmm, not sure if my other comment went through. Just said I love the teaching part of this blog. :)

  2. What an enthusiastic post. I enjoy reading your words and following your #WEverb11 journey!


  3. Thanks so much for both of your comments! This has been one of my favorite prompts to respond to!