Friday, December 23, 2011

#Weverb11 - Day 22: Accomplish & Day 23: Grasp

Day 22:  Accomplish

What is one thing you want to do before you bid adieu to 2011? How will you make it happen?

Contributed by Bella []

In this last week of 2011 that I thankfully have off from work, the one thing I want to accomplish is to finish watching the Oprah's Life Classes that I have saved on the DVR. I watched the first couple of weeks when they first came out and actively watched the show including taking notes! I'm all about learning and the life lessons Oprah is teaching ar every important to remember.  I hope to then wrote blog posts like the one I wrote on Ego so that I can come fully circle and teach what I learned. It will be a great collection of thoughts and ideas that I will easily be able to go back to.

To make this happen, I plan on using the four days I will be home by myself to take some quiet time to watch and then reflect. It is going to be GLORIOUS! :-)

Day 23:  Grasp

Describe something you actively engaged in learning this year.

Contributed by Katie []

This year, I actively engaged in learning more about yoga and meditation. Early in the year, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a meditation class where I explored what I might want to do in my career in the future. Then I began taking yoga classes more often, including the Yoga for Fertility class. I had done a ton of research regarding yoga previously, but it wasn't until this year where I really actively began learning and practicing.

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  1. Sharing what you're learning from those classes is a great way to pay it forward and give others a chance at some peace and serenity, too. Nice!