Monday, December 19, 2011

The Randomizer!

It's no secret I loved Weddingbee when I was planning my wedding and since I wasn't blogging while I was planning, I thought it would be fun to revisit it and share our special day with my new blog friends on our second anniversary.

Instead, of traditional recap posts, I decided to participate in Weddingbee's new Photo Randomizer Series. Basically, you pick 10 random numbers and associate them with 10 wedding photos, ones I may never have thought of sharing before. Then share a bit about what's shown in the photo.

Prior to our wedding, I spent a lot of time scrapbooking "The History of Us". I was really proud of the results so I wanted to display it at our wedding, so our guests could share in the fun. I also included the first picture of the two of us, back in 1999 and another of us during our engagement shoot in 2009, almost exactly 10 years later!

I can't even remember when I bought this "Sexy Little Bride" jacket from Victoria Secret. I may have even bought it before I was engaged so my friend Sarah could use it, but all the while secretly wanted to use it whenever it was my turn to get married. It was a fun addition to the day!

This is me putting on my super cute purple shoes that I had to have. My mom really didn't understand why I wanted to wear colored shoes on my wedding day. She thought traditional champagne colored would have been much more acceptable. She was not in the know of the new trends, which luckily I learned all about from Weddingbee!

Me and my Dad, taken in my parents' backyard!

Me and My Girls! :-)

This is one of The Hubs's mom putting on his boutonniere.

Here's us during our ceremony. If you look close enough you can see the result of a prank my dear husband's family played on him. Take a look at his shoes... they have "Send Help" written on them. Apparently, my husband's father had this happen to him, so it was somewhat of a tradition.... It was the cause of some snickering in the church and I must admit I was a bit annoyed about it, but in the end it became just another fun story to tell!

This is US with my sister, Kristina (Maid of Honor),best friend Sarah (Matron of Honor) and The Hubs's bro (Best Man).

One of the more interesting poses our photographers put us in...

Us listening to the Best Man's speech. It was pretty funny. Let's just say that he said we were meant for each other not because of our history, but because we both are not so good with cars. We both have an extensive history involving car accidents! hehe :-)

This was such a fun series to participate in! I kinda want to do it again!! Maybe next year! :-)

I think that you all should participate too. Find all the instructions here. Oh and post a comment if you do participate so that I can see your Wedding Randomized! :-)

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