Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunny Seattle - Day 4 - Aquarium, Pike's Place & The Locks

We were over half way down with our trip to Seattle, but that didn't mean we weren't going to make use of our last full day.

The planner in me knew there were a couple of other attractions that we NEEDED to get to in order to make our trip to Seattle complete.

First up, was a trip to the Seattle Aquarium.

This activity was mostly for The Hubs as he LOVES fish and aquariums.  We did have a great time though, learning about the fish and wildlife native to the Pacific Northwest. I must say though... for someone who has baby aquarium is NOT the place to go. So many cute kids playing in the touch pool and ooohing and ahhhing with wonder at all the new things they are experiencing! Definitely made my ovaries ache a little. hehe :-)

We then explored our way through Pike's Place Market.

WOW! So many beautiful flowers that were SOOO cheap and lots of different fruits, vegetables and of course seafood to choose from. It was a quite eclectic place with a wide variety of stores from magic shops to truffle shops to candy shops.

It was also where we peeked inside the original Starbucks. (The workers there were a bit Nazi-ish, as they wouldn't let us linger unless we were buying a drink. The line wasn't worth it so upon many people's recommendation we got our coffee at another Starbucks a block away!)

In the afternoon, we headed back to the Space Needle in order to catch the views during the day, which were also very impressive. It made me realize again how much I love all of the trees and bodies of water in Washington. Totally a place I could seem myself moving!

Our final activity for the evening, we headed back to the Locks that we had first seen from the water on our Sunset Cruise, to explore by foot. From this vantage point, we could really see what the difference in the water level was before and after the water was pumped into the Lock.

We also went to the visitor center so that we could see the salmon swimming through the fish ladder in the underground windows.

As Day 4 of our vacation came to an end, we only had a few more hours of exploring time before we had to head back to good ol' Cali...

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