Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunny Seattle Trip - Day 3 - EMP, Savor Seattle & Space Needle

Day 3 of our trip to Seattle included A TON of walking!

Since we only had one activity planned for the day in the afternoon, The Hubs and I decided to do our own walking tour of Seattle.

We ended up walking from our hotel in Pioneer Square all the way to Seattle Center, where the Space Needle and the Experience Music Project (EMP) are located.

Our Trek across Seattle
We explored Seattle Center to see what it had to offer and decided since we had  a few hours to kill before our afternoon activity, that we would cruise through the EMP and check that off our "must-do" list. It was a  pretty cool place, especially for my guitar loving husband! We were also impressed with the level of interactive technology in the museums and attractions. There were iPods and touch screens everywhere, often instead of the traditional and boring placards.

Here were some of the highlights from EMP:
  • A special Avatar exhibit where we got to see artifacts from the movie and got to interactively partipate in learning how the movie was made. 
  • An interactive area where you can learn how to play musical instruments and mix your own tracks
  • A guitar sculpture that was over two stories high and actually played music 

  • A history of Nirvana and Washington native Kurt Cobain (totally brought me back to the 8th grade!)
  • An exhibit on the the evolution of the guitar

After EMP, we hopped on the monorail, which conveniently dropped us off in the shopping district of Seattle and near where our Savor Seattle Gourmet Food Tour started. This 3 hour walking food tour was an amazing way to see the city and learn more about it, while tasting some delicious food that we wouldn't normally eat and drinking some yummy adult beverages.

Sangria from Andaluca

Duck cake from Andaluca

Pike Brewing Company

Pad Thai from Thoa's
Is your mouth watering yet??

I would recommend a Savor Seattle Food Tour for tourists and locals alike. They have quite a few tours to choose from and I will definitely do another the next time we are in Seattle (the Capital Hill Chocolate Indulgence tour is next on my list!)

Since our tour ended relatively close to our hotel, we stopped back there to rest for a bit. We knew that we had more walking in our future, as we wanted to spend the evening at the Space Needle. We had a special ticket where we were able to take a trip to the top both during the evening and during the day, as long as it was within a 24 hour period. So... we treked back across town towards City Center, stopping for sushi at a place recommended by a friend (it ended up being just ok and the service was less than stellar...)


At the Space Needle we were pleasantly surprised that there was no wait to travel to the top. I was a little worried about the elevator ride up, as I'm not that great with heights, but it was a really great ride. And at the top, the view of Seattle was AMAZEBALLS!

After we got our fill of gorgeous views, we took the monorail back in order to cut our walk in half. When we FINALLY got to the hotel, we both plopped into bed! Walking back and forth across the city 5 times was great exercise, but exhausting!!!

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