Monday, October 10, 2011

Becca's Closet

While I was cleaning the closet yesterday, I found a few things from my past that have been in the closet gathering dust.

Prom Dresses!

There were five dresses in the hallway closet still in their garment bags. Two I that I could possibly wear again (what can I say, I was a prude in high school so that dress is still age appropriate!) and the other held sentimental value since I wore it to Junior Prom - the dance I went to with The Hubs. The third looked a little old, so I put in the give away pile.

The other two, however, I thought looked in good condition, so I started researching the possibility of donating them to an organization that gives prom dresses to girls who can't afford them.

I headed over to Donate My Dress (link found in Better Homes and Garden) and found an organization fairly close by that takes dresses.

The organization is Becca's Closet and they have a high school in Tracy and one in Modesto that will take dresses. Only problem is, they say the dresses need to be from 2005 to present so that they are "current styles".  (Ugh! Makes me feel SO OLD!)

Anyways, I looked at the dresses I again and I really don't think they look that out of date!

See for yourself...

Blue shimmer dress I wore to Senior Ball - 2000

Detail at the top and better idea of color. It's like a shimmer blue/black.

Black strapless dress with flower detail. Can't even remember what I wore it to!

I really hope these are donation worthy! I'd love to make a difference in the life of teenager by giving them a fun dress to wear to Homecoming or a Prom!

What do you think? 

Do you think these dresses are donation worthy?


  1. I would go ahead and try, especially since they are basic colors and strapless has stayed current for a long time!

  2. @hemborgwife - That's what I was thinking. I think there must be some girl with a personality for which these dresses would be perfect! At least that's what I'm hoping!

  3. I was looking to do the same thing!! I know I saw a site online, but they said they're only accepting them in May or something like was based out of SF

  4. Hi Jen,
    I am a Chapter Organizer in PA, for Becca's Closet, & I would accept this dress for my Chapter if I was near you. Just contact your local chapter and see. I like to think there's a dress for every girl. Last prom season, my chapter, helped approx 90 girls. Don't forget we also accept donations of fancy shoes and bags, wraps, jewelry. Thanks for thinking of Becca's. :) Nia

  5. @Nia - Thanks for the response! I'm so happy you found my blog! I will definitely send the dresses to my local Becca's Closet and also tell my friends about it as I know they have prom stuff around that they might be ready to part with! Thanks again!

  6. I have google alerts for Becca's, so you popped right up. Thanks to you! Becca's couldn't help so many girls without generous people like yourself.
    Here's my link, in case you want to see who's been chatting with you..haha. :) I'm in the 1st video, from our local TV coverage. Thanks again, Nia

  7. Great post, Jen! I just donated a bunch of my dresses to the Salvation Army. I should've checked into something like Becca's Closet! *oh* I like the new look too :)

  8. We would love for you to donate them to Becca's Closet!! We say to keep them 2005 and present only because we get some dresses that are VERY out of date. We just want to give girls a selection of dresses that they will actually wear. Your dresses look perfect!