Sunday, October 9, 2011

Drawer and Closet Intervention

After lazing around pretty much all day yesterday and all morning today, I figured it would be a good idea to do something productive this weekend.

So while The Hubs was outside working in the yard, I decided to go through our closets and drawers to see what things we could part with and give away.

Both the bedroom closet, hallway closet and dresser drawers were stuffed to the brim with both my clothes and The Hubs's clothes. The drawers were also extremely disorganized and made finding anything extremely hard!  Here's some evidence:

Drawer Disaster! Clothes thrown and stuffed in the drawer.

Closet stuff to the brim with clothes and a mess of hangers

I think the last time I went through my side of the closet was a few months ago and at the time there were some pieces of clothing that I wasn't ready to part with... But today I held no mercy!  If it hadn't been worn for months, was slightly faded or if it looked like something a teenager would wear... to the give away/trash pile it went! For The Hubs, I held things up and gave him two seconds to decide whether to keep or give away. I thought it was a fun game, but I think he was having some trouble parting with stuff as well.

In the end, I was left with three bags of clothes...

And clean drawers,

Organized tank top drawer!
And a closet where I can actually move the hangers to look through the closets.

May not look that different, but things are definitely easier to find!

It feels great to have cleaned stuff out. Now I just need to take the clothes bags to a give away drop off or Goodwill or else it will sit in the garage for ages!

Have you gone through your closets and drawers lately?
Do you have trouble giving old clothes away even if you have not worn them in ages?


  1. St. Vincent De Paul in Livermore takes clothes and will give you a receipt for taxes!

  2. Once I discovered how simple it is to drop stuff off at the Hospice Depot here, my decluttering became simple. I must have filled at least twenty bin bags in the last month or two and that's just the first pass. We don't get tax receipts here, but hey it feels good to clear out space and help a good cause.