Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wishful Thinking All Day Long!

Here's our second of four opportunities to have a day full of wishes. (I forgot about New Year's Day since I was caught up with the holiday and all...)

Wish Days

I'm allowing myself to wish REALLY BIG at 1:11 am/pm and 11:11 am/pm, since the power of the 1's collides at these times.

So what am I wishing for??

For Today
A good work day that flies by and where I feel accomplished.
To take things as they come and look at all challenges as learning points.
To learn something new and interesting.
To take a little time for myself to read, meditate, or do whatever I feel like doing - for myself.

For Forever
To find what I am passionate about.
For patience with my family (including The Pup), my friends, my coworkers, and myself.
For positivity to flourish in me and worry to subside.

I'm sure I could think of TONS more, but that will do for now. If I only got a fraction of those wishes, I would be happy!

And now that I've shared, I'm curious... 

What are you wishing for??? 

Leave a comment since sharing our wishes propels them into The Universe and helps make them come true! Teachings courtesy of The Secret! :-)

Image Credit: We Love It


  1. Ooooh Yay! I'm going to wish for Rowan's health and happiness. Thanks for posting all the wish days. Maybe I can sneak in a selfish wish on one or two of those dates.

  2. aww, I wish I would have thought about that yesterday!! I love reading your blog posts btw!! I wish I had the discipline to sit down and be so thoughtful, thorough and creative as you!!