Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valence, Valence on the Window

Don't you sometimes wish that pieces of your home would be like the "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall"and tell you what would be the loveliest decorating choice of them all?

I know I do! I definitely do NOT have a knack for decorating and design. No matter how many times I review the tips Sherry and John give over Young House Love or how many HGTV design shows I watch, I am still indecisive on what to actually do with the blank slate that is our home.

Out of all the rooms in our house, our bedroom seems to be the one that is closest to being "done".

We found a great piece of art to put over the bed... that we both agreed on! Kris finished putting up the crown molding (although we are still debating on what color to paint the ceiling - white or a gray that makes the molding pop).

Here's a picture of our room (Ignore the non-existent crown molding corners! They are there now!):

All that's left seems to be finding curtains, a couple more pieces of art for the walls, and a sconce for my side of the bed. (I want a sconce so that all my bedside table space isn't taken up with a lamp.)

Curtains have been the HARDEST thing to decide on. I'm pretty sure that I want a valence, as the room isn't that large and I don't really want anything too heavy. Plus, we have an odd corner window that is right next to the bed that would make long curtains a challenge.  The problem is finding a pattern or color that will look good with our dark blue bedding. Do we go with a contrasting color, a similar color, or maybe just white? The Hubs and I have done lots of searching in stores and online and even bought a couple of curtains to try, but nothing looks quite right.

Here's another couple of pics of our windows...

So since I know that there are lots of amazing designers out there, help a sister out!

Does anyone have any recommendations for curtain colors or patterns that would look great in our space?


  1. I have trouble with these things too, but seeing hour room I would go with a patterned curtain that shows a lot of white...I'll look around.

  2. here's some tips on patterned curtains...long link!

  3. oh wait here's the link