Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Yesterday night, I had planned to not wake up to watch the Royal Wedding live, but to just watch it on DVR the next day.

However, lucky for me, The Pup decided to have the hiccups at 3AM exactly this morning so I was at least able to catch the wedding ceremony LIVE!

It was such a beautiful ceremony! Princess Kate (I know that isn't her official title, but I like the simplicity of it) looked ravishing and in a way utterly normal. You could tell she was a bit nervous, but excited and she handled everything so gracefully. Prince William also looked quite strapping in one of his military uniforms. I loved the shy little smiles he was giving Kate throughout the ceremony. I loved that they even whispered a few words to each other now and then even though they had to have know billions of people around the world were watching them. Some royals would have just stoically stood up there and gone through the motions of the ceremony, but Will and Kate looked like they were actually able to live it and enjoy it. Amazing!

Image Source: Yahoo AP
It is also amazing to me, how normal the two of them seem, compared to other high profile couples. Their courtship was utterly normal with bits of jealousy, uncertainty, and even a short lived break up. The wedding, although a royal formal affair, definitely had their stamp of approval at every step of the way. I think much of this probably has to do with Princess Diana's influence. Although it is so tragic that she wasn't able to celebrate with them, it was her life and death that seemed to teach Will and Kate that there is more to life than being Royal and that they must speak up for themselves in things they truly believe in.

Kate's dress was so beautiful. It was elegant, yet modern. Simple and not overly ornate. Her hair was also in a simple half up/half down do, and she wore a small but sparkly tiara. To me, she was perfection. And to Will, well he summed it up in my FAVORITE part of the whole ceremony. As her dad walked her up to the alter, Will gave her a slight side glance and smile and I saw him say to her "Beautiful".  Made me want to get married all over again!  Kate's sister Pippa was also so elegantly dressed in a white silk dress that was so flattering on her.

Image Source: Yahoo AP

 I am so happy that I was able to see the ceremony LIVE as it will remember for a long time. I will also likely be rewatching it later thanks to the DVR!

I wish Will and Kate all the best for a happy and healthy future!

Now for some coffee...

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