Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shopping Win!

You may think I'm weird, but shopping is not something I like to do. Many of my clothes are ones I've worn since high school and I typically only buy new stuff when I REALLY need something. I complain to The Hubs about my wardrobe all the time and every weekend I tell him that I REALLY need to go shopping. Problem is if I do go shopping I normally just look around, try the occasional thing on and then leave empty handed. My usual excuse is that the items are too expensive or I'm indecisive in whether I like the item or not.

This weekend, however, my mom, The Hubs and I, hit up the Outlets after attending a birthday party. There are tons of awesome stores at these outlets, but we ended up hitting a select few.

Always on the top of our list is the Coach outlet. I mean, who can resist, adorable purses for like half the price that they normally are! They were have an AWESOME sale the day we were there... all of the items were 30-50% off of the original non-factory store prices and then we were able to et 30% off our entire purchase. With the help of my mom and The Hubs, I was able to leave the store spending on $260 on three items! An awesome deal if you know how much this stuff normally costs!.

I came away with a new smaller, brown wallet, an ADORABLE summer bag that is big enough to fit evrything I typically carry around with me (which is a lot!) and some much needed new sunglasses (my hot pink "Love an Engineer" ones were getting a bit old!).

After that, my mom wanted to go into Aldo to look for some new white sandals. The minute we walked in we saw the perfect ones. I ended up trying them on as well and we both left the store with them! They were a steal for $36. (It was a good think I bought these because when I got home, I found that the heel was separating from the top of the shoe on the white sandals I had at home. It was a great feeling to know that I made worthwhile purchase and a steal in price at that!)

Then, while still at the Aldo store, I saw these cute grey/black flip flops with Sparkly tops. Again, I knew I didn't have black flip flops at home so I knew these would be a good buy. What made it a better buy is that my mom ended up buying my sister a pair and they were buy one get one half off!


We ended our short little shopping spree at the Levi outlet where I got a new pair of Boyfriend jeans (I had just figured out my own jean capris were not fitting well.) and a pair of regular jeans (a few of my pairs were starting to look crappy).

It felt good to buy some new cute stuff and it felt even better that I was able to get rid of one item for everything I bought! I'm hoping these fun, practical purchases get me out of my shopping funk!

Any other shopper haters out there? How do you get out of a no-shopping, but really need to be shopping funk?


  1. o my gosh i love that bag!!!! and both pairs of shoes (excited i get one!! :))

  2. have you been to the new DSW in Dublin?