Tuesday, April 26, 2011

100th Post and Porch Update!

So 100 posts in and I've become a bit of a slacker in the blogging world. I still have lots to talk about, but I need to take some time to catch up and get some posts scheduled. That's going to be a goal of mine over the next few weeks.

But now, for the much awaited (at least for me!) beginnings of our porch makeover! I asked you all awhile back to vote on what type of bench we should get for our porch.

The winner was an Adirondack Rocker in Natural. I really appreciated your feedback, especially with the color, as I was going back and forth between white or natural.

However, both The Hubs and I weren't set with the Rocker. We decided to keep looking around and after a jaunt over to Home Depot found the perfect solution that we both could agree on!

A Martha Stewart glider bench in natural! Here we get something like a rocker, in bench form (so we can sit together), in natural color wood. We figured if we didn't like the natural wood color when we put it on the porch, we could always paint it white.

Also while at Home Depot, I went ahead and bought some outdoor pillows in bright colors to liven things up!

Here's a couple of pictures of the work in progress!

Some things I still want to add...

- Side tables ~ I might borrow the idea of using upside flower pots like Young House Love used in their porch makeover.

- Rusty Area ~ I want to put a secure tie in somewhere, along with a cheap dog bed on the porch, so we can secure The Pup and have him sit with us during the warm summer nights!

- Adirondack Rocker - I still may take your advice and get an Adirondack Rocker for the other side of the porch. I would love to have the extra seating in case we have company over.


  1. I really like the natural wood! I think looking at it now the white bench may have been too white! Cute idea for side tables! I saw some pots just like them at Lowes in their ad this week!