Monday, April 11, 2011

Adding a Few Laughs To Our Weekend

After both The Hubs and I had a less than stellar work week, The Hubs decided we needed to do something spontaneous and fun to start our weekend off right.

So on Friday night we ended up buying last minute tickets at a local comedy club to see this guy...

Image Source: SF Standup
Let me just say, Kevin Nealon was hilarious! The Hubs was especially excited about seeing him. He was also more than a little bit starstruck when he entered the club and was sitting a few chairs away awaiting his time on stage.

It was so nice to have a spontaneous date night, just the two of us, as most of the time we just hang out by ourselves at home.When we do go out to comedy clubs and things, we most of the time make an event of it and invite all of our friends. We really need to make a point of planning "outings" that are different from dinner and a movie. It livens things up!

The rest of the weekend was fairly relaxing. We took our first trip up to the ranch to see my bestie Sarah work with her horse Ronan. I thought it was quite amazing seeing her work with him, as the closest animal I've ever seen being trained were our dogs. The Hubs and I even got to help brush him and learn a few things about horses in the process. We weren't able to ride him this time, but hope to get a chance in the future. It will be the first horse I've ever ridden (with the exception of the pony I rode on one of our honeymoon excursions!)

Ronan and Sarah

Me trying to be artistic with the camera.

The Hubs and I also spent some time this weekend watching the Giants and being amazed at the Friday and Saturday games when we pulled out a win in the bottom of the ninth. So exciting! It looks like the TORTURE is continuing!

Tonight we're going out to the ballpark to see the Giants play the Dodgers. It's my first baseball game attendance in a few years so I am really looking forward to it! :-)

How do you add a few laughs and excitment to your weekend after a long week?

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