Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Loves

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 I love the first day of fall!

Although some people may think that the first of the year is a great time for new beginnings, I think that this time of year is just as good. Fall means school has just started for the year (a time I LOVED and sometimes wish I could go back to). It means mornings when you can walk outside and smell the crisp autumn air. It is where the days get shorter and its time to light pumpkin spice or cinnamon candles. It's a time where you know the holidays are just around the corner. It is college football time, where the Hubs and I can root on our Golden Bears. It's the start of a new Fall TV season where the Hubs and I get to curl up and watch our favorite shows, both old and new. It's a time when I get to pull out my sweatshirts, comfy PJ's, and slipper socks. I do LOVE fall!

It wasn't until recently that I really realized that FALL was in fact my favorite season. And this year I fully intend to embrace the fall season and ENJOY it!

I'm hoping that with the start of fall, it can also be the start of a new season of blogging. I miss having a journal and a place where I can look back on what I've done and what I would like to do.

So here's to this to making this Fall a season to remember!

Do you love Fall as much as I do? What's your favorite part?

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