Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Late to the "Social Network"


The Hubs and I finally got The Social Network on Netflix last night. We had been wanting to see it for a long time, but being too cheap to to go the movies and too cheap to go rent it at Blockbuster had us waiting the 4 weeks after it was released on DVD to get it through Netflix.

When it came in the mail yesterday, The Hubs could hardly wait! I wanted to watch Teen Mom 2 first, but in the end he won (no worries... I got my Teen Mom 2 fix later in the evening! hehe :-) )

Being a Facebook stalker, I was interested in what this movie had to say. In fact, I was clueless about most of Facebook's history, except for the little snippets I heard about Mark Zuckerberg, from Mark Zuckerberg, when he was on Oprah.

At first, the movie cinematography was so dark that both The Hubs and I felt like were watching a college town slasher flick. Obviously that is not what we were in store for, but we were pleasantly surprised by the witty dialogue and intriguing story that was the birth of Facebook.

I had NO idea that the guy who founded Napster (good ol' Napster...reminds me of freshman year of college and all the wonderful music we downloaded over the fast Ethernet connection in the dorms for FREE...), Sean Parker, was involved in the expansion of Facebook.  The movie portrayed him as a really bad influence on Mark. It was hard for me to tell whether Mark realized this or if Sean took advantage of him. Sorta hard to say...

Although the film seems one-sided, the filmmakers say that everything is based on written documentation because Mark blogged during the time he was creating Facebook. (Who knew there were even blogs back then?? Live Journal anyone??) I guess only the actual players know the truth and they are all RICH because of it!

What did you think of the Social Network? Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is really the jerk he was made out to be? 

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  1. Personal sources say that Zuckerberg is NOT at all a jerk like that. With fame and success comes jealousy, you know?

  2. I didn't think so. To me, those twin guys seems like douchebags. Eduardo seemed relatively nice and I sorta felt bad for him...

    Ooo "personal sources".. gotta love livin' in the Bay to get the insider info! :-)