Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Intensity Overload

I'm an intense person. I think it's something I've always known about myself, but have been noticing more and more as my job becomes increasingly more stressful.

Good things about being intense are that I am focused and driven (most of the time).

Bad things about being intense are that I become loud, flustered, and frustrated because I can not get everything I want to get done fast enough. This often leads to emotional outbursts that come so fast I can't control them.

I'm not sure, but I think in this case, the bad outweighs the good by A LOT.

For athletes, intensity seems to be the pathway to success. I can't say the same for intensity in the working world. At least, not the way intensity manifests itself it me.Yesterday, I was frustrated because someone wanted to add another task to my plate. Today, an operator got upset with me because I wanted to have someone else try to process parts to see if we can get a different result. I intensely overreact and can't seem to control my emotions. I'm sort of at a loss...

So here I am wanting to add another trait about myself that I would like to work on (worrying about things I can't control, self-doubt, and over-analyzing are some others.)

As is typical of me, I started out by Googling "Intense Personalities", to see what  information I could find on the world wide web. Surprisingly I couldn't find much... A few people asking questions about it on Yahoo! Answers, but that was all.

Next up, searching the blogs. There's a blog about everything, so I figured I would be able to find some useful information this way. Again, I couldn't find much...

Maybe I should try Googling some other word combination. There have to be SOME other intense people in this world lookin' for a change.

Do any of you have what you would call an "Intense Personality"? Do you have any suggestions or resources of how to best use this personality trait to my advantage?


  1. I am also very intense and it's a mixed blessing-- great when it comes to my professional life, but I tend to be overemotional in my personal life. I recommend checking out The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin (it's a blog, but I'm referring to the book specifically). She's a perfectionist/overachiever type and she has fantastic strategies for managing expectations, learning to relax, and breathing easier. It's also just a really interesting book.

  2. I live intensely for forced reasons...life threw my family a curve ball and I, being me, have allowed my intensity to both help and hinder me. I discovered a great blog wich actually helps me a little: http://10stepstofindingyourhappyplace.blogspot.com/ I hope you can find some help there too. Tell Galen, Katy suggested you visit. She will understand as she knows why I need her so at the moment.