Friday, May 20, 2011

Brain Dump...

I haven't felt very inspired to write lately...which has been why things have been somewhat radio silence over here. I do have stuff in my head that I know I should get down on paper (or on this blog), but I've been so lazy I just don't feel like doing it.

I thought it might be a good idea to do a brain dump to get clear my head so I can get some real writing done!

  • I'm coming up on the two week mark of having my brand new spiffy Smartphone. I think I've finally decided that I am going to stick with my Droid Incredible 2. Once someone showed me how to work it (i.e. figure out the setting so I could make the screens look the way I want), I really started to like it. My favorite thing about it is that I can sync it with my Google, work and Facebook contacts all without physically connecting the phone to my computer. I've also found myself to be more productive since I can check all my blogs easily BEFORE I get to work.

  • I finally got around to making an appointment to get our 1 year and 1 week old Pup to get neutored. I know, I know, I should have done it long ago, but it was a task that I had hoped The Hubs would get done. That didn't happen, so I just went ahead and did it myself. Everything went fine and The Pup was back to normal in less than 24 hrs. In fact, we left him home in the crate for 4 hours with his "cone of shame" on to find it COMPLETELY DESTROYED. Now we have to hope he doesn't lick his wound like crazy...
  • I had a yummy lobster sandwich this week...from a food truck! A bunch of coworkers follows Sam's Chowder House on Twitter and found out their Chowdermobile was in the area. I have been to the actual restaurant which is delicious, so we had to try it. It was delish. I mean, lobster for lunch?? I should have taken a picture of all the lobster meat I got, but it was devoured before I could take it. I got a picture of the truck instead! hehe :-)

  • TV has been less than stellar lately, but I have found one show that I really like.. Pregnant in Heels. I love that Rosie Pope helps crazy rich pregnant ladies learn how to be a mother or deal with their issues before baby comes. I also love that she discusses her own struggle with infertility and happiness when things finally seem to work out!
Image Source: Facebook
  • Only 3 more episode of Oprah left... I'm already crying after every episode. I'll probably do a rehash next week of what I thought of her last season, but for now, head over to Kim Michelle's blog to see what lesson she learned from the latest episode... 
Have a great weekend everyone! :-)


  1. i totally like pregnant in heels too! julie and kathleen make fun of me.hahahahah the bachelorette is on starting monday!! :))

  2. I'm so sad Oprah is ending....this past week have been a bunch of boo-hooers too!! I'm addicted to Pregnant in heels to since I used to watch it after Bethany! I have to ask though, what the heck is her accent?? Did you see the one where the mom was due in like 3 days and had NOTHING? Crazy!!!