Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's Compare...

Can anyone guess whose side of the room these pictures were taken on???

If you guessed that this is The Hubs's side of the room, you would be CORRECT!!

Any in comparison, here's my side of the room...

When The Hubs realized I was taking these comparison picutres, he knew right away they would be making it on the blog. He did try hard to pick up the clothes and plop them on the bed before I could take the picture, but I was too quick for him!

His side of the room/bed pretty much looks like this all the time, unless we have company coming over. I've tried to make it easy to put clothes in the laundry by buying baskets that we keep in the closet. Then clothes can easily be tossed in - sorta like a game! Obviously it hasn't worked so well.

The Hubs complains that he can't remember which clothes go in which basket. So, my next attempt is going to be to label the baskets. We'll see how that works.

Any one else have a significant other who is not the neatest person in the world? Any recommendations in how you get them to pick up after themself?


  1. Both sides of our bed look like that! Haha

  2. We have the same brain. I was thisclose to taking pictures of my husband's near 4 foot pile of clothes the other day and telling him that I was going to blog about it. And I was going to take a picture of my clean side and post that too. SO WEIRD.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE for him to put his laundry away. He can't stay on top of getting it done and no matter how much I ask him, he has no interest in cleaning it up. I have come to terms with the fact that I have to live with it or just do it myself. On the other hand, if I miss a small spot on a dish and leave even the smallest speck of food on the dish, he lectures me. Sigh.