Thursday, March 10, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Much to The Hubs's dismay, I have MANY guilty TV pleasures. Most of the time I try to watch them in the other room or when he goes to bed. These shows include but are not limited to...

16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2

Image Source: MTV
 Real House Wives of Orange County - (I really got into only this one of the bunch on now.)

Image Source: Bravo

All things Oprah - Oh how I will miss your good ol' talk show come May, but thank you for creating OWN!

Image Source: Oprah

However, the one show that The Hubs will actually watch with me is The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. It is a Monday night tradition to watch the drama unfold together and laugh at the awkwardness.

I wasn't super excited about the new season of The Bachelor considering Brad already had one shot at love and blew it, but as the season progressed I was hooked.

Now we're down to the final two and I think that either choice Brad makes will be a good one. Plus he looked ooey gooey in love at the Women Tell All show!

First up is Chantal. I've always liked Chantal, even though she was a bit over-emotional and professed her love for Brad way before anyone else. She's closer to Brad in age and has more relationship experience than her "competitor."

Image Source: ABC

Then you have Emily. I really love how she never got involved in any of the drama and was kind and genuine the whole way through. Part of me thinks she is too good for Brad AND too young.

Image Source: ABC

I'm not sure who Brad will choose, but I can't wait until Monday to find out!

Who do you think Brad will choose??


  1. I'm not a big Bachelor watcher but I did start watching the last two Bachelorette seasons because I was at the gym at night on a Saturday and ABC was showing a rerun. I got totally hooked.
    I do love me some 16&P and Teen Mom 2 though. And the RHoOC is the only show I got into from the series as well. So funny you blogged about this because I have a post scheduled to go up tomorrow about my reality shows!

  2. Michelle - Apparently we do have the same brain since this is the second time we have channeled each others posts! :-) Can't wait to see what other reality shows you watch!

  3. I think he'll choose Chantal. I think he knows that he's more into the idea of Emily than he is actually into her. You can tell he has a definite "crush" on Emily (moreso than Chantal) but it seems like her real-self isn't measuring up to his ideal mate...I dunno I just still think they seem a bit uncomfortable around each other. Hard to say's clear to me that he WANTS it to be Emily, but he is more comfortable with Chantal as a person.

    Chantal is too over-emotional considering they've only known each other for a month or two. He's got that to look forward to...whoopie!

    It will be a great finale! I'm trying to decide what we'll eat that night!!! :)

  4. yessss talking about my FAV trash shows... hes gonna pick chantal..i think i like her now more than originally and think shes better for him...Emily is my fav and I am predicting she will be the next bachelorette... LOVE me some trash :)