Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Give Up...

For Catholics (and those who love a challenge) everywhere, Ash Wednesday (Today!) marks the first day of the Lenten season. The forty days that lead up to Easter has become the time of year where we challenge ourselves to do without something that we don't really need. 

Since I've grown up Catholic, I have had many opportunities to try (and fail!) at giving up something that I truly love. When I was younger, it was often chocolate or candy. As I've gotten older, I've been better about highly qualifying what I give up (something I learned from my mom who often gives up candy - specifically Tootsie Rolls. Bit sized Snickers or Milky Ways are fair game!). Last year, I gave up Starbucks Mochas. I did really well, didn't cave once, and saved a pretty penny on top of it!

This year, I was planning on giving up all alcohol for Lent in order to "practice" for when the time came when alcohol would be a no-no. But I think that I would be just setting myself up for failure considering I have some already planned occassions coming up where I may just want a glass of wine (i.e. - an "I quit my job" bash for one of my best friends and a snow trip with my other best friend).

I've already started to cut back on the wine intake, so I plan on continuing that. In fact, to continue with the cut back, I think I'll give up all alcohol at home, including when we have company over (there's qualification at its best!). That might be a cop out, but The Hubs and I do enjoy a lovely Thursday or Friday night glass of wine after a long work day, so I think it will still be a challenge.

I still would like to give up something else, but couldn't think of anything in time to start today. I'll keep you posted if I come up with something.

Also this Lenten season, I want to make sure I don't eat meat on Fridays, another Catholic tradition. I'm usually pretty conscientious about this, but I think I might go a bit farther and make it no fish/seafood also. Perhaps it will give me the incentive to try out some new vegetarian recipes that I have come across that I can share. Or maybe you all will share some good vegetarian recipes with me! Hint, hint! :-)

What is everyone else giving up for Lent? Do you think your will power will get you through the next 40 days or are you a little worried about following through, like I am?


  1. I'm not Catholic but I do like the challenge! I'm giving up candy and twitter. It is just 8:23 and I'm already missing both. I'll be chewing gum like a mad woman!
    My usual routine in the morning is to check facebook and then check twitter on my phone. I closed out facebook and my finger automatically went to the next app over, which is now my text messages. For a second I thought, "where did twitter go?" This is going to be tough!

  2. Our family has been discussing this for a few weeks now. My Kindergartner attends Catholic school so today marks a big day for him - his first "real" Ash Wednesday. After much guidance from mom & dad, he's decided to give up video games. His take is rather funny though. He keeps naming things like carrots or riding his bike. The concept of giving up something that might not be so good for you is completely lost on a 6-year old!

    Most evenings my son & I love to sit down after dinner and enjoy desert together (a tradition my mother started in my family). So, we're giving up desert on weekdays. Maybe we'll replace that with something carrots :)

  3. how are you wine-os gonna manage not drinking at home?! goodluck to you. "coins for cussing" is making a pretty penny so far...slowly but surely i am getting better. i am gonna make some hobo (or someone else) pretty happy by the end of it..hahah