Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Beginning For 2010

For the past year or so, I’ve wanted to start a blog. My desires began after becoming somewhat obsessed with a wedding blog, known as Weddingbee, about 6 months before I even got engaged. It was a place to learn about all things wedding so I would be prepared when my day finally arrived. I’ve now been married two months, and although wedding blogs are no longer my top interest, Weddingbee acted as a springboard from which I currently developed my ever lengthening blog roll. After much stalking around the Weddingbee site, I found the personal blogs of some of my favorite “bees” and subsequently some of their favorite blogs. Most are dedicated to life after the wedding: creating a better marriage, home decorating, having babies (here and here) just to share a few. I also often frequent self-help blogs which focus on finding happiness, stressing less, and living life to the fullest.

Now, I’m totally a blog lurker. None of these bloggers even know I exist, but I feel like I know them through their wonderfully interesting and personal stories. I love opening my blogroll every day to find out what’s new in their life. With the start of my own blog, I hope to gain confidence to comment on other blogs and become part of an online community that I have seen do some wonderful things to help out total strangers.

So what to blog about… happiness, love & marriage, life goals… I’m thinking all of the above and more. I want to share experiences and use my blog as a place to capture my thoughts and feelings. I hope this can be a venue where I can get advice from others and discuss my attempts at improving various areas of my life to become a better wife, friend, sister and daughter.

It is a little intimidating to join the blogging community, but this will just be one step toward Living a Brighter Life in 2010!

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  1. Now I know you exist! :) Thanks so much for delurking, as you completely made my day so much brighter in doing so!